Agent Xavier Dolls

Agent dolls
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Age Mid, late 20's
Status Deceased (sadly)
Job Deputy Marshal.
  • Black Badge Division.
Portrayed by Shamier Anderson.

History Edit

The only thing known about Agent Dolls prior to the start of the series is that he is employed by the Black Badge Division of the US Marshal's, and that he has never seen someone live through a demon attack. He ran black ops missions throughout the Middle East and has seen demons before.

He also wears glasses to read. And later on in s2 we learn that he is a dragon who can’t control his impulses without his meds (serum). That’s it, that’s all we know.

Personality Edit

Deputy Marshal Dolls has a thing for Wynonna and is more than just a human. He is also a dragon/lizard, which is why he needed his meds to keep his animal instincts in check before he turned and slaughtered everyone out of impulse. The military has been using these creatures forever as infiltrator and black ops assassins due to their ability to infiltrate hard targets.

Xavier is a serious man when it comes to work.. or with anyone else that’s not named Wynonna Earp. Also he really likes cuddling and used an emoji as a reply to Officer Haughts text message.