Earp Family Members Edit

  • Wyatt Earp - A famous lawman who supposedly killed 77 people with his special gun, named Peacemaker. The people killed by the gun come back to life as some sort of demon-like monsters that the Earp family dubbed, Revenants.
  • Unnamed Great-great Grandmother - While unnamed, she was mentioned during the first episode by a Revenant named Carl, when he was trash-talking the Earp name. Supposedly, she was an actress.
  • Ward Earp - As seen in several of Wynonna's flashbacks, her Father was killed during an attack by 7 Revenants on their homestead. While being dragged out by two of them, he was accidentally shot by Wynonna with Peacemaker as she was trying to help him.
  • Unnamed Mother - Yet to be mentioned in the show.
  • Willa Earp - Oldest of the three Earp girls, Willa was the original heir and was destined to break the curse on her family. She was killed after the Revenants attacked her house.
  • Wynonna Earp - Current heir and middle daughter, she left Purgatory when she was about 25 in order to get away from all the people who thought she was crazy for thinking demons exist. Main character of the series.
  • Waverly Earp - Youngest daughter of the Earp family, her sister Wynonna left her behind when she went to travel the world. Still, she is very close with her older sister and often acts as Wynonna's conscience during the series. Having spent her entire life in Purgatory, Waverly has had time to do extensive research on her family and wonders why she can't be the one to break her family's curse.