The wiki page for the Syfy series, Wynonna Earp.

Wynonna title screen

Wynonna Earp with Wyatt Earp's gun

Wynonna Earp has been away from her hometown, Purgatory, for years but returns to reluctantly take on the role that Wyatt Earp's heir is destined for -- demon killer. Her task is to take out Revenants, the resurrected souls of the criminals who were taken down at one time by her great-great grandfather. Wynonna teams up with sister Waverly, Agent Xavier Dolls, and Doc Holliday (the cursed-with-immortality best friend of Wyatt Earp) as they work to stop the Revenants from taking over Purgatory and escaping into the world. The show is based on the graphic novel series of the same name.


Earp Family Sheriff's Office Revenants
Black Badge Division Citizens of Purgatory

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